Many times single mothers are often struggling with finding the time to raise their children, juggle jobs, and keep a balanced checkbook. Does this sound like you? One of the things that many parents, single and married alike, have found recently that a home based business is a great way to supplement their income. With the many tax benefits to owning a home based business, the income often grows over time with consistent work. What are some things that you should look for in a home based business?

Consumable product

When it comes to products, a consumable product is great! Why? Well if the company you join requires endless home parties to continue to make your quota, how much extra time do you really have to do that? A consumable product is used each month and reordered. You don’t sell one bag, plastic container, or purse just one time. The products also have to work and meet the need to a wide variety of people. No matter what company you choose, you need to take a serious look at the ingredients of the products. Don’t just consider the company literature about the products, take a look at third party validation from other sources about the ingredients.

Team and Company Support

What is the support and training that you are going to receive when you join this company? Does it seem like people are happy and quick to support each other? Or do you have a feeling you are going to sign up and then be left on your own to figure it out? Check around and see what others are saying about the company, but remember that anyone can post anything online so take some of the info with a “grain of salt”.

What about the company? How long has it been around? Most network marketing or MLM companies don’t survive past 18 months without failing. What about the company leadership? What is their track record of success? Have they built or been in other companies that were successful? What about Success magazine, BBB reports, other credible reviews?

Growing Industry

Is the company you are considering in a growing industry? One of the fastest growing industries is the health and wellness industry. With the aging baby boomers and also the economy and health care situation, many people are taking their health care into their own hands. Prevention is often cheaper than fixing problems down the road!

So, what does this mean for you? If you are seriously considering a different way to create a long lasting, residual income, you need to find a good company with superior products with proven leadership and team support. What company should you choose? Find a company that you believe in, with products that you believe in! You can also learn more about a leading home based business opportunity that could change your life also!

No matter what you choose, it will take some work. Be willing to be coachable, put in consistent efforts for at least a year to give it a fair evaluation and see what happens! I would also recommend a great book on consistent efforts that I have found to be a great inspiration and teaching tool.

The Compound Effect